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If you uninstalled the City of Heroes client after the official servers shut down, shame on you! But, we got you covered. And if you lost it because you uninstalled the NCsoft Launcher and it deleted your game folders including all screenshots, costumes and story arc... I'm really, really sad that it happened to you. We got you covered as well. There's two options: BitTorrent, or patchers.


If you don't have a torrent client, I personally like Tixati.

Magnet Link: City of Heroes Beta (PC)

Magnet Link: City of Heroes Beta (Mac)

Torrent File: City of Heroes Beta (PC)

Torrent File: City of Heroes Beta (Mac)

Please seed! This is not a big release full of people downloading it, it's just for the City of Heroes community and those who refuse to let the game go away.


If the torrent is no good for you, there are two tools that will download all the game files directly and keep Titan Icon up to date: Tequila and Island Rum.

Tequila is the Windows patcher. The link leads to a post in the Titan Forums with detailed instructions on how to run it. The source code is available on GitHub.

Island Rum is the patcher for Mac. The link leads to a post in the Titan Forums with download instructions; contact Manga on that thread if you need help or have any issues.

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  1. Kuntos says:

    i don't see that icon-npc.bat file you mention above. where is it located at after downloading the torrent and opening it all?

  2. Leandro says:

    Kuntos, in the Windows torrent it's called something like "Start Costume Creator (NPC Mode)" and is in the download directory instead of the COHBeta folder. The Mac torrent doesn't include Icon at all because I don't have a Mac so I can't test it.

  3. @Leandro--
    Thank you so much. As far as I am concerned, this release more than saved my beloved city.
    All the best.

  4. thank you now i have city of heroes you are best thanks go to netside now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  5. Tony Case says:

    So I never got around to uninstalling the real game when the servers went down - so I have a bunch of CoH still lounging about on my drive. Is there a way to avoid a 4 hour download?

  6. Leandro says:

    Yes: just go to the Titan Network forums and download Icon:,7288.0.html

  7. Mark Hair says:

    Here's a message i got. Any help?

    Failed to load texture library. It is likely that City of Heroes is not properly installed. Re-installing or running NCsoft Launcher may fix this.

  8. So is this some type of offline character creator or is it the actual game? I thought the servers were offline.

  9. Zeltech says:

    Is it possible to play with someone else on the same workgroup network?

  10. (1) Is the Beta server or Training Room (Test Server) still accessible? Or is there anyway to run around the server locally instead of online?

    (2) I really miss CoH... :(

  11. Kurysz says:

    HI, i have the Mac Beta but it doesn't open, it just closes right away. What do i need to do?

  12. NCsoft had a cash cow and then decided they wanted a BBQ, end of story

  13. I did the SugarSync thing and down loaded the latest version of Icon but I'm getting this error:

    "File: bin/clientmessages-en.bin
    Last Author/Status:Perforce.cpp failed to connect to Perforce.

    Unable to locate bin/clientmessages-en.bin"

    Can anyone advise me how to resolve this?

  14. Breshvic says:

    I also have the Mac Beta and it doesn't open.

  15. Ad me to the list of people who downloaded the Mac Beta and couldn't get it to work.
    Would it be possible for someone with a working version to post it on a Google Drive account? (first 5GB are free)

  16. Pichu says:

    the Mega download CoHResurgence-Split.z06 stops at 64% i have retried over and over stops at the same spot each time

  17. Cláudio says:

    Can you make a torrent of these? I download all and nothing... =/

  18. Nuked says:

    Did anyone figure how to make the Mac version to work?

  19. I will seed this forever (I see only 3 seeds now, hopefully they stay until I finish my download). I feel it is a vital service to my fellow man.

  20. For those of you having problems with the Mac version, it could be a permission issue. Open a terminal (it's under applications/utilities) and type the following;

    $: sudo chmod -R 777 (Path to your CoH app)/City of Heroes Beta Mac

    With (Path to your CoH app) replaced with the actual path.

  21. The zips crapped out on me on the 2nd one. Torrent speed isn't too bad so far even without seeds.

  22. i just want the game to come back, wow is so shit i just cant play anything else, i wouldnt of cared if they raised the price to pay i would of still paid for it if it was $200 a month

  23. Hello

    I would like get the version for Mac, but is impossible because the torrent links are dead


  24. Josh says:

    When I log into CoH using the client and move to character creation, the 'body', 'costume', and 'custom' areas are just black screens. Has this happened to anyone else and do you know why?

  25. What Andrew Tucker instructed works for the Mac. I'm able to create a toon and run around in either the tutorial or Atlas. But, no use of powers. No bad guys to fight. Just an empty city with instructors standing there who say nothing.
    Since we have this much of the game engine, how difficult would it be to replicate some of what we had, I wonder. Like villains to run around and fight, leveling up, other zones. Just to play on your computer at home, of course. No sharing of it. That would be utterly wretched!

  26. I hate NCSoft. I can't stop thinking about City of Heroes.... It's like a girlfriend I just can't get over... I made a nostalgia video before it closed but it just doesn't do the trick anymore... I miss the SG crew I had and all of those that hung out under the atlas statue... I miss the task forces... I miss the NPCs... I miss the delicious content... I miss the feel of the game. CO and DCUO can go die in a hole, CoX was the true champion. The least NCSoft could have done was try to make the game open source for the public to keep it running... It would have been 10x better that way. If anyone would like to see the video to possibly help satisfy your cravings:

  27. I also have problems with CoHResurgence-Split.z06 sadly :(
    When I tried to donwload it, it also got stuck 2 or 3 times. That's when I started to open it in another tab to download it, and than the first one went on, but when I unzip it I see that it causes errors. Missing CoH soooo badly :(

  28. Thanks, it works. Now I can enjoy creating CoH characters again! Once again, a lot of thanks to all the people that contributed for this awesome project.

  29. GaryZ says:

    I too have the Mac version and its been so many years I totally forget where do I copy the City of Heroes Beta Mac application too? If I can just leave it on my desktop then in reply to Andrew Tucker, what is the path that I should put into Terminal?

    How do I launch cityofheroes.exe on a Mac?

    Thanks everyone
    Long Live CoH

  30. Dino says:

    This is awesome! I sadly uninstalled my CoH app when the game ended due to space issues, but I want to recreated my toons so bad. I have a mac, so I torrented the correct file and tried to work with the terminal, but It keeps saying that the command is not found. Any mac-users willing to help out? S: Please and thanks!

  31. Leandro says:

    Dino: Manga can probably help, either try to get a hold of him in the Titan boards, or send me a message to and I'll put you two in touch.

  32. GaryZ says:

    I get the same thing Dino, but my client is on my desktop. Way back I remember copying the client to some location so maybe I didn't install it right.

    Leandro, do you mind getting me intouch with Manga too?

  33. Hi Dino and Leandro, have either of you had any success getting the Mac version to work? I am experience the same issue with it closing as soon as it launches, as well as I am getting the same "command not found" message in terminal.

  34. Unknown says:

    For anyone having a problem getting the Mac version to work, I just figured it out, and here's what I did:

    First, download the client, download Titan Icon, then follow the mac instructions here:

    Once you've done all that, put your new edited file somewhere. I put mine in my Applications folder.

    I also changed my file's name so it didn't have any spaces in it. So, instead of "City of Heroes Beta Mac" it's "CityofHeroesBetaMac".

    Cntrl+click on the file and go to Get Info. Your files path with be listed under "Where" (if you put it in Applications, the path is "/Applications/CityofHeroesBetaMac"

    Go to Terminal, and enter this:
    sudo chmod -R 777 /Applications/

    That's what I did to get it to work

  35. I got this to work, but the app is too big for my screen size. Adjusting my resolution in my display settngs did not help. Any ideas?

  36. Leandro says:

    Greg: check the cohtitan forums for Titan Icon; Manga in there gives help for Mac users, and I think that problem is common. I don't use a Mac so I don't know what the solution is.

  37. gpr899 says:

    Please continue work on this.
    Thank you.

  38. gpr899 says:

    Is there a way to run a private, locally hosted server?

  39. so i just have to download Magnet Link: City of Heroes Beta (PC) then run it in my utuorrent then run the thing and im done? i can play my game with other people?

  40. are we even able to play the game with this?

  41. Thanks so much! I'm wanting to write up characters for the Marvel Super Heroes tabletop RPG base on my old COH characters, and much to my regret, I never took proper screenshots, etc. of all my characters. High hopes for re-creating them, at least visually, with this after work tonight :)

  42. Guys the game dont let me play its said you can't run this program directly,please run NC soft launscher instead

  43. This is really incredible. Once you get past the technical issues of installing Tequila, you can fly through every zone (Google the map names) and experience the artwork and music without anything trying to kill you. Makes me want CoH to return more than ever now.

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  46. ok guys I found a solution to the game not running in windowed mode. there is utility that will make all games run in windowed full screen mode.
    go to the link above to read and download the utility.

  47. i can get in the game but it wont let me register and says map failed to load please try again later...any helpful ideas?

  48. Are you not meant to be able to use your powers once you enter the game? or is that a bug?

  49. the only smart idea is download a mod to play CITY OF HEROES with out the online servers. the 2nd is never buy games that only works online. I do not want to relive that 11/30/2012 again on anything else

  50. NCSOFT and NEXON had been duking it out in court for over 2 1/2 years and still at it. both Korean publishers going toe to toe slug fast. This dose effect both sides bank account. I do want to see how this will end. The good ness is. It will never end. as long as NCSOFT stays in business. City of Heroes publishing issues will never get solved. I think its for the best to get rid of NCSOFT. That is my view point of what I had been reading up till now on the world wide web

  51. NCSOFT is so busy staying up the assssssssssssssssss! I wonder how many people is NCSOFT is going to F U C K UP? How many more customers?

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