New installers for Titan Icon: Tequila and Island Rum

Until now, if you are looking to install Titan Icon but don't have a copy of the Issue 24 client, you would need to download the client via Torrent or Sugar Sync. Unfortunately, Sugar Sync has become a paid service, and the Torrent is lacking in seeds; so, there are now two patchers that will download all the files needed to run Titan Icon, and keep them updated as new versions of Icon are released.

Tequila is the patcher for Windows. Because of Windows User Account Control, you should point Tequila to a folder under Documents in order to install the game files and Titan Icon there. If you point it to a folder under Program Files or a drive root, you'll have problems and troubleshooting won't be pretty. The source code for Tequila is available on GitHub as a general purpose patcher; feel free to contribute.

Island Rum is the patcher for Mac. This one was developed by Manga, and you should go to that thread in the Titan forums for detailed instructions, or if you need any help setting it up. As Titan Icon updates, so will the patchers. The website is due for a redesign soon, and this information will be available in a much tidier format once that happens.

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  1. Keep up the good works, boys!

  2. I downloaded it from Tequila and made a character, are you guys trying to rebuild the game?? will it ever be playable again?

  3. @Kyle Knight, While the game is playable as a single player, allowing you to go into the base area of the game alone, City of Heroes, unless Disney somehow drops their Marvel game for the City. (Which would be a miracle... but, on the downside, Disney would take CoH and turn it into their own thing, like they did with Marvel and Star Wars.) Yeah, unless that happens, City of Heroes will never be playable again, unless of course another Studio buys the rights of the City from whoever owns it at this point. (By spam-searching forums, it's incredibly hard to tell at this point. NCSoft, Cryptic, Paragon? Who knows?) However, the City of Titans, a superhero/villain game being built up by Missing Worlds and being run by the Phoenix Project is being reborn from the ashes of City of Heroes. (Get it? Phoenixes rise from their Ashes as soon as they die.) Almost fully developed from fans and old Paragon Studios, City of Titans is a basic copy of City of Heroes -- except... it's the exact opposite. A "fan-made" game, there's nothing wrong with it taking 'ideas' from City of Heroes, as long as they give credit and don't copy the game 'exactly.' With a completely new set-up, and, by the videos they've released and to my knowledge, AMAZING graphics (in my own opinion), I see bright hopes for City of Titans, which plans to go online in 2015, around November, to mark the death and vengeance of City of Heroes. There will be a villain/hero choice, power choice, secondary-power choice, and such forth. A character creation, a backstory creator (Woo, Roleplayers! Go Team!), and an entire new city, I have extremely high expectations for City of Titans. I hope to see you in the game next year...


  4. Hilda says:

    I want CITY of HEROES back! Isn't there a way they can sell so we can play it again?

  5. The Tequila installer works perfectly! It was so nice just to login to see the city again. It was a nice refresher to the good times i've had on the game. Keep up the great work! I will definitely be subscribing to city of titans when it arrives!

  6. My tequila doesn't work. Tequila itself works fine, it'll open and load the game and everything, but when it gets to the COH loading bar, it will just stay like that for what seems like forever...

    The longest I waited was 4 hours and 17 minutes before I gave up for the 12th time.

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