Titan Icon: run around the city (single player)

Version 1.2 of Titan Icon has a new feature: you can complete the character creation and enter the game... sort of. Depending on your alignment, you'll be able to enter Atlas Park, Nerva Archipelago or Nova Praetoria, as well as a couple of other zones by using some tricks detailed in this forum thread.

You can't use powers yet, but you can hit the 1 key to toggle Flight. You can also type /nocoll 1 in the chat line in order to enable "no collisions" mode and go through walls and other geometry; type /nocoll 0 to disable this mode.

If you don't have the Issue 24 client, visit this page to download a copy.

Original post at the Titan Network Forums.

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  1. Keep up the GREAT work guys!

    for us players, our job is to keep hope in CoH returning and keeping our community like a strong knit unit!

    Keep giving CoH publicity as much as we can with videos and blogs!

    And We will return to our Paragon City!

  2. Can we see other players in this?

  3. now im completely sure that this game will come back eventually lol

  4. so does this mean eventually the game will come back?

  5. Heck at this point I would be happy to play City of Heroes single player.

  6. I agree even if I could play Single Player I would be THRILLED!!!!

  7. Man I miss CoH but I'm still hoping for its return. Keep up the work guys, you're doing great!

  8. Man I have missed CoH - keep it up guys.

  9. So we can fight crime in single player but can we login? and meed ms liberty and give powers

  10. konsolo says:

    Listen I don't want to come off as an idiot I am an old player from way back I may have given up earlier than everyone else, but I think this is one of the greatest charities ever done. Problem is I am not that good with computer language or programing or anything like that, I downloaded the file but when I try to open the "Icon" program it just says "can't find file City of Heroes.exe" I download the issue 24 beta to get the costume creator, and there is no file that came with it called that. Please help a poor confused former player.

  11. This is amazing, thank you! will there be NPC's and such added in the future?

  12. This is brilliant! My son and I used to play COH together, and we talk all the time about how much we miss it. This is almost like a nicotine patch for us poor COH addicts!

  13. I still yearn for the days of hanging with my friends in game. No other morg has been able to reach a level of camaraderie that Coh provided. Keep up the good work

  14. A CoX Emulator? FANTASTIC!! I would love the chance to return to the Rouge Isles! Even if all I could do is play missions single-player, it would give me the opportunity to get some of my characters out of mothballs. Any chance we'll be able to import are original CoX info into this?

  15. I'm almost in same boat as konsolo I downloaded made a couple of toons already but keeps saying map server is down.

  16. Oh My God I can not Believe Elfin is flying around Atlas Park again. This is awesome.

  17. Zylo82 says:

    coming from a player that played city of heroes/villians for 5-6years, ill proudly support you guys to bring this mmo back to life. best of luck guys.

  18. Memoohhh says:

    I'm dying without CoH in my life. I just wanna kill some Rikti!

  19. yes! It actually felt good to make a character and able to see the game once again even though is limited it is still a breakthrough and I have a feeling that we will be playing this game soon enough :)

  20. Toc Rat says:

    I miss this game everyday!

  21. Oh, its painful to run around AP again :'(

  22. I miss this game. Will it ever come back?

  23. i hope it comes back boring hunting for better game.............. because there is none

  24. How do i link CoH issue 24 Beta with the NCsoft launcher?

  25. Leandro says:

    You can't. You need to use Tequila or Island Rum. NCsoft removed COH from the NCsoft launcher and it will never come back to it.

  26. City of Titans sounds cool, fingers crossed! :-)

  27. @All of you that hope City of Heroes/Villains is coming back... I'm sorry. Unless Disney buys it out (which, they have a Marvel game, an extremely major superhero brand, against City of Heroes, an online MMORPG that has only been around for 9 years... so it's a 0.01% chance...) City of Heroes isn't coming back... unless another studio decides to buy it from whoever owns it at this point. (NCSoft? Paragon? Cryptic? Who knows?) But, yes, City of Titans will soon, meaning next year, be a major replacement of City of Heroes. Though, obviously, (and I stress this with all my heart, for my favorite game) City of Titans will not have the same effect on us as City of Heroes... but who knows! Though City of Heroes can never legally be /online/ again unless bought and rebuilt, Titan Icon may be able to completely unlock the game... just in an offline game! Maybe there will be indoors, missions, architect stories... etc! I can't wait for City of Titans but... Titan Icon will be here for us to help us mend the wounds.


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