Call to Action! Team Wildcard needs YOU!

Today a 31 page pitch package aimed at persuading Disney Interactive to acquire City of Heroes arrived for both the CEO of Disney Productions and the CEO of Disney Interactive via Express Mail.

Ammon, Rae, Quinch and I--Internet Marketing Specialist, UK Journalist, Senior IT Tech and writer, Mercedes Lackey--put together a 31 page pitch package aimed specifically at Disney, to attempt to persuade the Mouse that picking up City of Heroes is in their best interest as well as ours. We had the advice and oversight of two senior members of the former Paragon Studios team--mostly to tell us what we could and could not say. Should there be an answer, it should be directed to Brian Clayton, the Paragon Studios manager, since we specified that we four had no power to do anything, and he is the man with all the answers.

Now it's your turn.

We have to impress the 900 lb gorilla--The Mouse himself--that buying the City is going to be good for them. We have to show them that we are loyal, passionate, dedicated, and mature. And we have money to spend. Remember, these are executives who are not impressed if genuine movie stars approach them with a pitch for something less than amazing.

We have to show the Mouse that in the right hands, City of Heroes can become the crown jewel among their electronic games.

We need you to write, avalanche with cards, letters, screenshots. We need a letter writing campaign that is ten, twenty, a hundred times bigger than the one we fired at NCSoft.

Go big, or go home, right? We have to go big.

Senior VP, Global Production, Disney Interactive Media Group
Jean-Marcel Nicolai
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Chairman of the Board of Directors
John Pepper Jr.
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

CEO Walt Disney Company
Robert A. Iger,
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

CEO Disney Interactive
John Pleasants
500 South Buena Vista Street,
Burbank, CA 91521-8139

We are asking you to put "SaveCoH" in the address, because we want the mail clerks to be able to sort out our letters quickly. We want them to see the ever-increasing pile, but in a way that helps the clerks do their jobs too.

Remember, these are people that get thousands of emails and letters. We have to impress them. We have to show them the City is something special. Write letters, recruit your friends, your relatives, anyone who might be sympathetic. Write as if this is our only chance. And good luck to all of us.

But don't think that we're done if nothing happens. Should we not hit the mark here, we've only started, and we have a second target in our sights.

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  1. Disney has a superhero game in beta at the moment, why would they take on one that will compete with that?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sevda- post links to this Disney Superhero Game, or it never happened!

  3. Anonymous says:

    marvelheroes isn't anything near what coh is... it's diablo with a marvel skin

  4. Xen0phage says:

    Mine are wrote and in the mail

  5. Mellissandria, it is called Marvel Heroes. Marvel is owned by Disney. No, it is nothing like CoH, however it is a superhero game. is the link, they are still taking applications for beta testers.

  6. @Sevda Ironbrow - Disney has a number of properties which they own which co-exist, many of which might seem to be at odds with each other. CoH was - contrary to what has been sometimes published fairly successful and continues to be so. Even if it were the case that they competed, it makes far more sense to purchase CoH and expand their existing content schema into something they control, nurture and profit, rather than allow it into uncontrolled hands. Logically, if I own both Marvel and CoH - then I have both the mainstream and the secondary stream of revenue. Merely buying it to keep it from being competition is illogical when one can make money off the competition. CoH is in a different marketing silo than Mavel Heroes since Marvel Heroe's isn't a true MMO. Marvel Heroes isn't a true MMO in the pure sense. It also would dilute profits from the other competitors, Champions Online - and DCUO while providing a potential platform to allow coexistence between Marvel Heroes and CoH which if handled properly would encourage users to use both titles increasing over all profits.

    Yes, this would actually be a very very smart move on Disney's part.

  7. Although Marvel Heroes isn’t an MMORPG, it is a pure MMO, just as online First Person shooters are pure MMOs. It doesn’t need a RPG component to be Massively Multiplayer Online. CoH wasn’t “fairly successful” It wasn’t profitable enough to convince NCsoft to keep it going, let alone provoke the interest of a company of the scale of Disney. It makes absolutely no sense for Disney to purchase CoH as they have the resources available to create a fully modern MMORPG based on the Marvel Universe that would have greater interest to most superhero MMORPG fans than the Paragon Universe. The current MMO soon to be put on offer may be Disney taking its first steps on taking just that path. Disney would have to be absolute idiots to purchase an antiquated game instead of making a new one, and fools to buy an intellectual property that is minor league compared to the one they already own.

  8. Sevda Ironbrow, you're obviously not a fan of CoH, so I wonder what you're doing trolling the Save City of Heroes site? To say that Marvel Heroes is modern is like saying Diablo 2 is modern: you get to play a character created by someone else, in Marvel's universe, in isometric view. Yay. The appeal of CoH is NOT the Paragon Universe; it is the ability to create a unique character and interact with other unique characters. Really, that's just the surface of the affection toward the game. I don't know if it would be "senseless" for Disney to purchase CoH, but they would have one thing in their immediate advantage - thousands of loyal customers. Not many business ventures get to start with a guarenteed fan base of nearly 100,000.

  9. Jason Snow, you know what they say about people who make assumptions, don't you? I have played CoH daily for some time now. I will miss it terribly after tomorrow night. I just got my second character to level 50 last night and was rather proud of reaching that goal in time. I am a realist, though and choose to not glom onto the pie in the sky dreams that are constantly being force fed to anyone who plays the game. I do just love how having a differing opinion, and stating fact is considered trolling.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Please save COH, it has been a good game and I have been active with 4 accounts for 5=6+ years. Many memories, friends and very good game. Please save it.

  11. John says:

    I don't understand why naysayers would waste the time posting about something they don't believe in. It's like complaining about TV or radio content. Don't watch it, turn the channel, turn it off. What kind of perverse pleasure do you get from coming in and saying, "nope, it won't work," and crapping on everyone's efforts? Did you tell all your friends there was no Santa Claus when you were 6 years old as well?

  12. look I do not want to make a ass of my self. I do want COH to be saved hell of a lot. I do not want to be rude. I hate the idea of Disney to get the foot hold on everyhing about everyhing.
    Ido not want this babby Mouse head in my mission contact
    or hat ever. we all know what happened to Final Fantasy when Disney Took over. it look kike crap. I do not want that mouse head duck head or what ever head is out there.
    please lets have some 3rd party forums that is only goal is COH/COV only. COHTITAN for one good example ok

  13. J Rob says:

    City of Heroes was the platform that Marvel should have bought and merged with instead of suing years ago. OMG people are making our characters on another game... make them stop! Versus... hey buy that, make their world an alternate earth (while portal Corp adds ours), and lets get easy money for life buy letting people make infinite Wolverine and Captain America clones. People would pay just to be able to make Marvel character clones and to see Marvel characters next to their own. The unique contribution would still be there for the grown ups. Disney may with to consider this.

  14. JK Comics says:

    @ Sevda Ironbrow - You are wrong in every way. You say others have assumptions about you but you have assumed much. You assume the reason CoH was canned was because it was unprofitable. The reason we question you being here is because if you were keeping up to date about everything, you'd know it was profitable.
    Also, If I am Mcdonalds and Burger King is selling, I want it. That way I gain both revenues in the end. Why would McDonald's say "Eh, they're our biggest competition and would bring profits but... eh, let someone else take it and possibly improve it and beat us with it". You either do not understand or lack enough information on the top of CoH's closure and the mess that's happened with NCsoft, Nexon and Battlenet.

    @ r a jakobson - You are correct.

    @ abcedefghijkjkol - I don't like disney either but that k word only makes you sound like a hate-filled antisemite. Also, third party and all other options have already been tried. Unfortunately Disney is our last hope for every seeing CoH again, unless NCsoft goes bankrupt and has to sell the property... and then Disney still might get it then.

  15. I think abcedefghijkjkol sheyshsyswy was trying to write "it look like crap", which although not racist is a grammatical atrocity.

    JK Comics - excellent points - I agree wholeheartedly!

  16. @JK Comics

    JK I fully agree with you on all your points, except I don't think he meant to type that K word. I think it was supposed to be "Like" and he got too close to the K. It makes more sense with the flow, however limited, the sentance had. Please don't be angry unnecessarily :) It's bad for your health! #SaveCoH

  17. The City of Heroes french veterans community continu the fight to save CoH (
    -Dark Freeman

  18. Target google for take over. They have no games to speak of. Plenty of sever space, scores of programmers,and you can play on their Corporate mission statement of "DO no Evil". Beside they can use the good press of saving an actual online community !!

  19. What's the latest with the proposal? Have Disney responded yet?

  20. I'm wondering the same thing as Nate

  21. I'm also wondering... Does anyone know what the status of the Disney Proposal is?

  22. I really liked CoH. If there was a way to respec more easily, and a way to bring a Hero into the villain missions and vice versa (perhaps as part of a corruption/redemption arc or something like that), I'd jump back into the game. I'm not all that much into renting my games anymore, though, I prefer games that I can just buy. If I pay to pay monthly for a game, well, there's so many other games that I can just pay $50 for and then never pay again to continue playing the game and most of them have great multiplayer. I don't really see the point in renting my games.

  23. neopyro says:

    @Bart Humphries

    There was a way you could switch sides with your Toon. It came with the Going Rogue Expansion.

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