Unity Event: Extra Life Charity Drive and Gameathon

I’ve been reading a lot of calls to do some sort of charity drive and I think it is a fantastic idea. So fantastic in fact that I’ve gone about organizing an Extra Life team for City of Heroes players, devs and anyone else who wants to join in. The City of Heroes community has always been known as one of the most charitable of all the MMO communities out there. This is another chance for us to be the heroes. Last year Paragon Studios took part in Extra Life as did thousands of others around the world. This year we’re inviting everyone to join us for a fun filled day in City of Heroes raising money for children’s hospitals around the world. The City of Heroes Extra Life team is working with Real World Hero and the Titan network on this event to make the in game portion of the event huge.

I imagine right about now you might have a few questions about Extra Life, how you can get involved and maybe some others I haven’t thought of. Instead of writing huge paragraphs I’m going to go for a list. So here are some answers to questions might have!

1. What is Extra Life? A 24 hour gaming marathon which raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals around the world.

2. When is Extra Life? Extra Life starts at 8 AM in your local timezone on Saturday October 20th and runs until 8 AM on Sunday October 21st.

3. How do I sign up? Simply go to the team page and sign up from there! http://www.extra-life.org/team/CoH

4. Who decides which hospital I’m raising money for? You do! During sign up you get to pick from a list of Children’s hospitals around the world. The choice is yours. Last year I picked one that has a personal connection, one that my youngest brother went to as a baby. This year I’ve picked a more local hospital.

5. How can I get involved? Sign up and ask family, friend, coworkers, even strangers if you feel brave to sponsor you. Then join us for 24 hours in City of Heroes for all the fun.

6. I can’t dedicate a full 24 hours how can I still be involved? Come to the in game events we’re going to hold, tell friends about it, donate to team members.

7. Why are there so few members? Because this is the first official announcement!

8. What do I get from taking part? The satisfaction of having done an awesome thing, also sleep deprivation, many XPez (it’s a DXP weekend), and fun with friends and the CoH community.

9. Which server is this happening on? Ideally? All of them. But we’re realistic. We know server population has been a bit low recently. For now we will say all servers and if that changes I’ll be sure to update everyone.

Well, I think that has covered everything! If you have more questions post them and I’ll answer them ASAP. I hope to see you all there!

Original post at the Official Boards and the Titan Network Forums.

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