Call to Action: Positron's Ally

Hey all, it's time for our next event! The coordinators at the Titan Network have been discussing what we can do to keep fans engaged and having fun, and I think we've come up with a pretty good follow-up to the Unity Rally this past weekend. I'm going to let Maressa, purveyor of our last project, announce and give the details of this one as well. I know I'll be there, and I hope you will be able to come, too!

Ever since our Rally last weekend Tony and I have been working on what our next in game event should be. Rallies are great but we wanted to something a bit more active and something that non VIPs could get involved in. We also wanted something that would be a nod to the developers without whom we would have no game to play. With all of that in mind I would like to announce:

Positron's Ally

Two days of Task Force fun.


Thursday September 20th at 9PM Eastern/2AM GMT


Saturday September 22nd at 12 Noon Eastern/5PM GMT

Join TonyV, myself and the entire Titan Network team in running the Positron Task Forces, part one and two. In the world’s biggest synchronized Positron Task Force group across all the City of Heroes Servers.

Come with a team already formed or make yourself a PUG while you’re there!

Take screenshots, chat with old friends, make new friends and listen to your favorite server based radio stations.

Original post at the Official Boards and the Titan Network Forums.

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