Call to Action: Masks and Capes!

Hey everyone, it's time for our next Call to Action! For this one, I'm going to defer to @Maressa, one of our own loyal community members in Ireland who proposed it to me. (So she knows a thing or two about having good luck!) When she told me this idea, I immediately thought that it's brilliant, that it's an awesome way to show NCsoft that we are heroes, that this is what we do.

So with my full backing and support, I'm going to let her give the details of our next Call to Action!

Hi folks, first off I want to thank TonyV for all the hard work he has put into this campaign so far. And of course a huge thank you to all of you in the community. Tony and I couldn’t do this without your support. Now, I know there have been calls for people to send cakes, and dolls and all sorts of things. Well that’s what this is. Except, cakes aren’t really all that relevant to City of Heroes, and dolls…well they can be a bit expensive. So, we have come up with a cheap way to get the attention of NCSoft. By sending them in Capes and Masks.

Thankfully Halloween is coming up so there are a lot of online stores out there selling Capes and Masks. I have picked a Cape and Mask that are cheap and plain enough that they aren’t clearly one character or another.

Red Superhero Cape

Superhero Red Mask

Now, by no means do you have to use these two. These are just what I found in a few minutes of searching. You may even find something at your local dollar/euro/pound store.

Another option, one I plan to be doing is printing out our own masks to be decorated. I’ve found a couple and thanks to my team had them laid out for you so you can print several out without wasting paper. Even if you aren’t artistic you can get involved. Write messages on them, but keep it polite and clean.


Some messages mine have:

We are Heroes. This is what we do.
We are Villains. What’s ours is ours.
My Global Name
My Character’s names
My Character’s powersets
What Server I’m on
Phrases my Characters Say

What you put on them is up to you.

Once they’re decorated, or the mask/cape is bought you need somewhere to send them! We’re asking everyone to send them to one of three places:

NCsoft Corporation
157-37 Samsung-dong
Kangnamu-gu, Seoul 135-090

NCSoft Seattle
1501 4th Avenue, Suite 2050
Seattle, WA 98101

6801 N Capital of Texas Hwy.
Building 1, Suite # 102
Austin, TX 78731

And, if you’d like to send in a picture of your masks to Tony and I, we would love to see them. Send the pictures to and we will include them as part of our press package.

Thank you all for your huge support. Start sending out those Masks & Capes!

Original post at the Official Boards and the Titan Network Forums.

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