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We've met our funding goal! In fact, before I could get the widget shut down, we overshot it by a little! I'll call the restaurant and make arrangements today as well as notify the staff of Paragon Studios to put on their eatin' hats. This is incredible. I honestly thought that it would take at least a couple of days, but this fundraiser lasted less than three hours. This is HUGE, folks, and I really appreciate your participation! Because we met our goal so quickly, if you didn't get a chance to donate, please know that this is going to be presented on behalf of the whole City of Heroes community.

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Hey all, it's time for our next Call to Action!

When I was at one of the Player Summits, someone leaked to me the name of a restaurant close to the studio where the Paragon Studios staffers went now and then for various occasions. So we got to thinking that a nice gesture on behalf of the community would be to rally up and raise the funds to get them to go again, but this time, the City of Heroes community is picking up the bill. So how can you help? We've posted a PayPal widget on the front page of the Paragon Wiki. You can see it here:

Dinner's on Us!

Just click the "Give" button, and PayPal handles the rest. Note that the contribution is processed via PayPal; we do not get your PayPal username, password or account information. Donations submitted through this widget go to our donations account, but are earmarked specifically for this event.

We want to express our gratitude for building the world in which our imaginations have lived. They've provided an unprecedented level of support and interactivity over the years. They've talked to us, listened to our feedback, even socialized with us, all the while providing a game that has an incredible level of innovation and fun.

Keep in mind that this is a small fundraiser. In the interest of keeping it that way, I've put increments as low as $5 and put a hard cap on the amount of $50 to keep anyone from going nuts on it. I'm also putting a hard limit on the amount of $1,000, which will cover the cost of dinner for the crew. We still might need a large fundraiser later for a possible crowd funding effort, so if you pitch in for dinner, keep that in mind.

Please note: In spite of my best efforts to get two different small fundraising widgets to work, something is causing the total to not update. Even though we've gotten $85 so far, the widget is stuck on $0. I wish I could have gotten that fixed before today, but for now, I am manually updating the number on the home page of the wiki once every hour or two. If you donate, please know that [b]it is going through[/b] even if the number on the widget doesn't change. I'm updating the total manually every hour or two on the news page.

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