New installers for Titan Icon: Tequila and Island Rum

Until now, if you are looking to install Titan Icon but don't have a copy of the Issue 24 client, you would need to download the clien... [Read More]

Titan Icon: run around the city (single player)

Version 1.2 of Titan Icon has a new feature: you can complete the character creation and enter the game... sort of. Depending on your align... [Read More]

Call to Action: Vote for COH at MMOsite!

Voting is open for the 2012 Reader's Choice awards, and City of Heroes is once again a contender for "Best Community" and &q... [Read More]

Call to Action! Team Wildcard needs YOU!

Today a 31 page pitch package aimed at persuading Disney Interactive to acquire City of Heroes arrived for both the CEO of Disney Productio... [Read More]

Press Release: Disney Rescue

26 November 2012 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CITY OF HEROES PLAYERS LOOK TO DISNEY FOR RESCUE A group of gamers battling to save their online... [Read More]

A response to NCsoft

In response to NCsoft's communication on October 2 , I want to start by saying yet again that I appreciate the support that NCsoft has ... [Read More]